We are official!

Thursday afternoon, Julia and I left the kids with grandma, and headed up to Huntington, WV to meet with the Daystar Baptist Missions board. (DBMI)   We were going to meet with them for our final approval by the board for missions work in the country of the Dominican Republic.  We knew this was going to be a bit of a “formality” as we had already been extended an invitation by the team in the Dominican, and according to the director of Daystar, Doug Hodges, that was the real test.


So we left Thursday afternoon, and stayed the night in Elizabethtown, KY and finished the trip up the next morning.  The miles seemed to fly by as we sat and talked about the new life we were about to embark on.  When we arrived, we walked in and met our team leader, Gary Hale’s, mother, Ruth.  Ruth is the administrative assistant/bookkeeper with Daystar.  We then walked down a short hallway and knocked on the directors door, he greeted us and soon we were off to lunch!  On the way to O’Charleys (which is ironically where Julia and I met face to face for the first time) we stopped and picked up another missionary candidate to the Dominican, Wes Smith, and proceeded to the restaurant.  We had a great time at lunch, talking about the ministry in the Dominican, which was started by the current director, so he has a lot of stories and insight that was very interesting!


After lunch, it was time to meet with the board.  We met at Lewis Memorial Baptist Church, which is the church the missions board is associated with, and met with Pastor Lemming, and one of his assistants, Tim Yates.  It was becoming more and more clear that these were just normal people who love the Lord and love serving Him!  So it was, the pastor, Tim, Doug, myself, and Julia, but thanks to technology, we were also joined by Gary in the Dominican via Skype.  After several minutes of hearing a little about the church and mission board, and us giving our testimonies, and telling why we felt like the Lord was calling us into missions, and why we felt the Dominican was the place for us, the board voted and we became full fledged members of DMBI and Team Dominican!


Later that night, we went to eat with the wives of the men at the meeting, it was amazing to see how God has brought together such a great group of people for us to work with.  From our home pastor and church, to the team in the Dominican, to the people of Daystar, and Lewis Memorial, we could not have found a better group of people to work with!  We are so very excited about our next phase of life and ministry.


We are currently putting together our missions packets and will soon be calling churches to set up meetings.  The faster we can get these things done, the faster we can raise the support we need to get to the field!  We will keep you updated as we travel this new journey in our lives, thank you so much for traveling it with us, and supporting us as we go.

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