Working hard to get on deputation!

Before we can even think about going to the Dominican Republic, we have to raise support; and before we can ever think about raising support, we have to get many different things in place.  We have really been working hard the past several weeks to get on the deputation trail!  So many things to do, so little time to do them.  We plan on being in the Dominican in August of 2012.  Considering the average missionary is spending 2 1/2 years raising support, we are trying to do it in just 17 months.  I am reminded of my life verse. . . “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

We have been working feverishly to get our home ready for someone to be able to rent it; packing boxes, cleaning, fixing, etc.  We have a really good prospect we are working with right now to rent our home.  The biggest thing we are praying for, is for the Lord to send us someone that will help us protect our investment.  Julia’s dad manages an apartment complex and several single family dwellings, so he will be a huge asset to us as we try to find and maintain good renters.

After we find the right people for our home, we will be moving in with Julia’s parents, so that will be a huge blessing, as we will be rent and utility free.  This should really expedite the deputation process and allow us to save money that will help us make the move a smooth one.  Of course living with family can and probably will be challenging at times,  but we are fortunate that we have great parents to live with.  Of course it will help that we will have our own “living space” in the upstairs of their large farm house, as we will have our own bedroom, Carson will have his own, and the girls will share one.  Praise the Lord for His provision through the generosity of Julia’s mom and dad!

The other thing that we are working on currently is our printed and multimedia material.  This process is teaching me patience every day!  Waiting on others to complete tasks is always hard for me, but I have learned to allow others who have expertise in areas I don’t, to help us.  We have assembled a SUPER group of  graphics designers, audio and video technicians, professional radio voices, photographers, etc to help us make our material really stand out and separate us when we present our work to people and churches who might be interested in supporting what we are doing.  I feel that it is very important to present yourself as professionally as you can as it is the first thing people see.  We are praying the Lord blesses our hard work and the hard work of others who have donated their time to assist us in making our vision a reality!

Of course we are doing all of this while maintaining our current jobs as long as we can.  We are praying that Julia will be able to keep her job pretty much all the way until we leave as we will be able to keep insurance and a steady source of income through her work. I will be stepping down from mine as soon as the travel gets to be more than I can do with my limited time off.

At this point we feel like we are making good progress, but the time seems to be so short when we look at the big picture.  But my God is bigger than time, and He can put us on the field whenever He chooses.  He could send in 100% of our support tomorrow if He wanted, so we are not worried about the time line.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions!

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