Updates from the Dominican

This is from a recent e-mail update from the team in the Dominican


It’s March Gladness!


No disrespect to die-hard sports fans who passionately deem these couple of weeks March Madness, but Team Dominican Republic would like to suggest another name – March Gladness. The reason is simple – a major milestone is about to be accomplished on the ministry’s 46 acres. Read about this below:

Tri-County Wall
It’s a lot hotter than Ohio. Tri-County Baptist members work on the eastern wall during a recent trip to help finish the enclosure.
Chad leads on the wall
On a good foundation: Chad Justice (middle, standing) oversees construction on the eastern wall.
The Great Wall Nears Enclosure
Within the next couple of weeks, the wall will finally be enclosed around the 46 acres of ministry property. This represents a significant achievement and ushers in the next phase of construction. Special thanks go out to all the people who have prayed, sacrificially given, and even come to help in the wall project over the last few years.

In fact, small groups from Lewis Memorial Baptist (WV), Berean Baptist (NC)Tri-County Baptist (Ohio), and even a couple, the Cernetics, have recently completed construction trips, leaving us with only a small section to finish on the eastern side of the property. In the coming weeks, we’ll share about the “first things” to be built on the property, as the Lord provides the funds. For now, rejoice with us in God’s provisions and the help He has sent to complete the task!

Site Plan
A vision in the making: the DR site plan
And Now What: After the Wall
The value of the wall is best understood by looking at the site plan for the ministry (above). If you consider that when it is fully complete thousands of people will be on the property at any one time and families will be living on the property then the nearly $100,000 that has been spent on the wall comes into perspective. The DR Vision is a major missions initiative to significantly impact the Dominican Republic and Latin America. We need to begin moving ministries to the property, as we are outgrowing current facilities. Please pray that some people and organizations that have hesitated in giving toward the wall will now see the value and give toward our first construction projects. We’ll send more details in the coming weeks.
The Palms on Feb. 25
Showing our colors: The Palms celebrates Independence Day
URGENT: Christian Teachers Needed
The Palms Christian School is looking for teachers to teach in English for this upcoming school year (fall of 2011). Last year the Palms started with nearly 40 children. This year enrollment has jumped to 92 with 30 on a waiting list. If the Palms is able to rent a new facility, enrollment for next year could reach 150 through the sixth grade. While the Palms pays a small supplement to teachers, teachers would most likely need to raise some additional support. If you know of a teacher (new or even recently retired), that would like to be part of an exciting vision and growth of our school, please contact us right away. Please pray the Lord sends us more teachers!


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