Crazy couple of weeks!!!

Well, by now you probably thought we had forgotten our log in password or had been abducted by aliens, but actually we have had about the craziest couple of weeks you could imagine!

Last time we talked about the people that were interested in our home, well guess what??  We are now homeless!  They signed the contract, paid the first and last months rent in full, and are now living in our home.  If you wish to add them to your prayer list, please do, as it is very important to our success in raising our support and getting to the field that they be good renters. Their names are Gary and Suzanne Pagles, and so far so good, they seem like very good people and Mr. Pagles said that he has been telling everyone that asks him how he found a house to rent so quickly that it was a “God thing.”  We would have to agree, God is working already in the little things to help get us to the Dominican by August 2012.

As you can imagine, we worked feverishly to get all of our things packed up in a weeks time, we also organized a moving sale, and continued working our regular hours at our jobs.  We would not have accomplished all this without the help of many family and friends!  Thanks to all those who helped out.

We have been “moved in” to Julia’s parents house for about two weeks now, although, we still are unpacking boxes and rearranging things.  As you can imagine, it is quite an adjustment for everyone.  The kids are doing well, and we think after the initial shock of their lives being turned upside down, Grandma and Grandpa will do okay as well. (hopefully the new blood pressure meds will help 🙂 — just kidding)

Also, this past Monday and Tuesday, our church hosted its second pastors forum to help pastors understand the importance of planting new churches, and getting more missionaries to the field.  One of the main topics was developing a strategy to get missionaries to the field in a timely manner.  Most missionaries are taking 3-4 years to get to the field, and it is costing around $250,000 with travel, and living expenses.  We see both of these things as a problem, and are working with other churches to find a solution.  Pray the Lord works in the hearts and minds of pastors and churches.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions!

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