DR Vision Updates

Well, 3 large baseball coaches and a tall, distinguished educator entered (filled in-squeezed into) The Palms Christian School office and we now have a contracted agreement to provide education to the players of a baseball academy. The Palms is expected to develop and implement a curriculum for the continuing education of these high school aged young men as well as english,moral integrity and life lessons!

by Gary Hale on Monday, May 16, 2011 at 10:32pm

And there is a celebration!!! Tonight, a business man who has been visiting the church for three months accepted Christ on our porch! Llodelis had given him a church card and he had saved it, impressed by the “professionalism” of the card (laid out by Chad). He originally wanted to “win” that contract but when he came to church he was met by God in His Word… 3 months later he awakes at 5 am unable to withstand the conviction of the Holy Spirit. He calls Felix at 5 am. Felix calls me and says this man is asking for you. This evening, for the first time in his life, he clearly understood the gospel and he prayed to accept Christ as Savior! And there is a new name written down in glory!!! Many people planted and watered the seed. Glory to God for the increase!

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