Hot off the press!

Front of Card

Every missionary I have ever met has had a “prayer card,” so we did not really feel official until today!  We are extremely excited about the arrival our prayer cards and think that they look fantastic!

Special thanks to Taaron Parsons, he is the talent behind the graphic design of our cards.  We wanted to capture the “old world” feel that is all around you when you visit the Dominican Republic, and feel like these cards really en capture that feeling.  One person said they remind him of an old empty wallet, and that will help remind him to pray for the Lord to meet our needs . . .  that was really not the goal, but hey, I LIKE IT!!

Back of Card

Join us in praying that God will bless the distribution of these cards, and that people will team up with us in not only praying for us, but also praying for the Dominican Republic and world missions.  The world is a very needy place, and we need to pray that the Lord sends laborers into the harvest!

If you would like one of our prayer cards, let us know, and we will get you a copy.  We would love to get into your local churches to share our ministry.  Let us know if you would be willing to share our information with your pastor!  We would love to visit with you and share what God is doing in the Dominican!


  1. Your prayer cards are beautiful! I’m so disappointed that I won’t be at church the week you are in Ft. Gratiot. Be sure to leave one of these cards for me!

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