The Palms Christian School Update

We recently received this update from the field.  Our team leader, Gary Hale, reports about this upcoming year at the Palms.

“Yr. 1 – 39 students Yr. 2 – 92 students Yr. 3 – 210 students! The Lord has blessed the faith and faithfulness of the Palms leadership, the Palms teachers and staff, and the many church members, team members, and volunteers who all do their part. And to think we’re just getting started.

Here’s to all you who dared to “get out of the boat” in the great steps of faith the Palms took this year in moving buildings and expanding. God has supplied yet again from His storehouse and His name is being glorified as people recognize the touch of God. And we’re just “getting started” compared to what He has in store. We must keep our focus on Him… Yes, we’re living the vision!!!”

PRAISE THE LORD for what HE is doing in the Dominican.  Know that each of you that are supporting us and the ministry down there have a part in all 210 of those children’s lives.


We would love to hear your feedback or questions!

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