Blown away by God’s goodness!

It is my first full week since I resigned my job with CVS that I have been able to be in the office full time calling churches; trying to fill in our spring and summer schedule.  As you can imagine whenever you quit your job there is a little bit of anxiety that comes along with it.  How am I going to pay my bills?  How and I going to provide for my family?  Was it the right timing?  Etc, etc, etc.  Well all of those anxieties have been calmed this week, as the Lord has brought blessing after blessing into our lifes!  Here is a list of things the Lord has done for us just this week:

1.  Added 8 new churches to our Spring schedule!

2.  Sent us $1200 of unexpected support!

3.  Provided 3 weeks of “missions” housing this Spring!

4.  Added one new church for monthly support!

5.  Gave me the unexpected opportunity to preach and see Him work through that message!

6.  Gave us a Logan’s gift card the morning that we were scheduled to meet my aunt and uncle at Logans for lunch.  The person that gave it to us had no clue we were going to Logans that day!

7.  Gave us the opportunity to give an update in our home church and spend a night with our church family!

8.  Had a friend give us 5 more personal church contacts to call!

All in all, a great week so far, and it’s only Thursday, can’t wait to see what God is going to do tomorrow!!!  It is great to see how the Lord works when you get out of the way.  Pray with us as we continue to fill in our schedule for the Spring.  We need about 10-12 more churches to fill in the holes in our schedule.  Pray specifically for a couple of areas that we need a few more churches in.  Tennessee, Kansas City/St. Louis, Michigan, Florida.  If you know any churches in these areas that might be interested, let us know so we can pursue them!

We would love to hear your feedback or questions!

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