Please pray for us as we travel

Not only this week, but in the future as our travels will take us from Florida to Missouri to Minnesota to Michigan and everywhere in between.

Here are some ideas from a pastor we visited with last month.

November 22, 2011 By 

Sometimes I think we are too general with our prayers over travel issues.  Here are some items you might consider praying over.

  1. Protection and safety.
  2. No problems.  Specifically, no flats, no mechanical trouble, no accidents, no road rage.
  3. Perception.  Help them see potentially bad situations and avoid them.  Give them advance driving skills and wisdom beyond their years.
  4. No illnesses.  This involves the transit there and back, while visiting, and when they return.  Additionally, immunity from any illnesses they will encounter.
  5. No financial emergencies.
  6. No lost or left items.  It is easy to leave or misplace a wallet or a set of keys.
  7. No travel delays.
  8. Good weather and road conditions.
  9. Maintain a good witness and testimony for our Lord.


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