The Number 10

There are many numbers that stand out when we read the scriptures, such as 3, 7, 40, 666, etc.  One number that has stood out to me recently is the number 10.  Not necessarily in the Bible, but just as it relates to our ministry.

We leave for the Dominican on July 10th.  We will be presenting our ministry in 10 more churches between now and then.  We are praying for 10 more churches to become financial partners with us.

I want to encourage you to pray for us and remember the number 10 as you do.  We have been in approximately 20 churches that we have not heard back from yet about monthly support.  I will be calling these churches over the next couple of days to see where they are at and what the potential is for support.   So with the 20 we have already been to and the 10 we will be in before we leave, we are praying that of the 30, at least 10 of them would come on as financial supporters.  

We are currently at 72% support, so it would be a huge blessing is we could get 10 more churches to come on board as ministry partners.

Things to pray for:

1.  July 10th – Pray we can get everything in order by this date so we can be ready to move to the D.R.

2.  The 10 churches we will be presenting our ministry in before we leave.

3.  The 20 churches we have already presented in.

4.  That the Lord will bless us with 10 new supporting churches before we leave.

5.  We are still looking to raise around $750/mo. in new support from individuals.  Praise the Lord for the $250 that has already come in since we launched the 50 for $5 program just last month.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions!

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