Our Field Address

Just wanted to let you know that we now have our field mailing address.

Stephen and/or Julia Griffin

c/o Agape Flights DMG 27095

100 Airport Avenue

Venice, FL  34285

If you wish to send us anything, please use this address.  It is a US address so there will be no extra postage required on your part.  A missionary flight service brings our mail to the capitol city every Thursday.  Please be aware of a couple of things when sending packages.  It cost Agape $4 per pound to transport packages.  Through ministry supporters, they pay $2.50/lb and they ask us to pay the other $1.50/lb.  Also please understand that it can take up to 3 weeks for us to receive a package, so baked good that have a short shelf life will not be good when they get to us.  If you are sending a heavy package it would be a blessing to also include a little money to help us pay for the delivery charge.  If you would like to become a ministry supporter of Agape, please visit their website AgapeFlights.com

Thank you for being part of our ministry, may God bless each one of you!  We are looking forward to hearing from you!


We would love to hear your feedback or questions!

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