This is weird

Before we moved to the Dominican Republic a year and a half ago, we read all about “Culture Shock” and prepared ourselves as best we could, and we feel like we did a pretty good job adjusting to life in a different country.  What we didn’t realize is how much our lives and perceptions have changed.  We are now back in the States for a couple of months and we have . . .


Let me give you some examples:  (Don’t laugh at us)

1.  When we went into Wal-mart it was so quiet, that it sounded like a library to us.

2.  Our kids SHOUT every time they say anything.

3.  After going to the bathroom, Callie said “Daddy, where do I throw the toilet paper?”

4.  Our kids have complained non-stop about being “cold”  (we are in Florida and it is 85 degrees)

5.  I went to the gas station and sat in my car for several minutes before I realized no one was coming to pump my gas for me.

6.  We have found ourselves wishing we could find a guy on the street corner to wash our windshield.

7.  The kids just sit and stare at anyone who says “hello” to them.

8.  Julia just stood and stared at the aisles and selection in the grocery store.

9.  When the light turns green, I wait and look both ways to make sure everyone is stopping before I go.

10.  We felt like the server at the restaurant was way too fast in bringing us our salads, main course, and bill.

11.  Our kids drank about 50 gallons of water every night at the church via the drinking fountain.

12.  Callie tried to push the shopping cart backwards though the line after Julia unloaded it.  (in the DR, you cannot take the carts through the line, they have to stay “inside” the store.)

13.  We asked Chloe if she wanted to watch “Sophia the First” on the Disney Channel, she replied in a very matter of fact voice . . .  “No . . .  it’s in Spanish.”  (our Disney Channel in the DR is only available in Spanish)

Okay . . . I said DON’T laugh at us!!!!!

images (4)

We have just realized that it does not take

long to get use to your surroundings.  We are very excited to feel

so at home in our new country, but I guess we just need to relax and try to fit back into our culture for a little while.  We have really had to catch ourselves a couple of times, and remember where we are.  We love our home country, but we long to get back to our new home, where God has us serving Him.  Pray for us as we spend the next two and a half months here trying to raise the funds necessary to return to the Dominican Republic and serve the Lord.

We would love to hear your feedback or questions!

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