Be not weary in well doing . . .

I know I have not written a blog post in a long time, but something happened this Sunday that made me stop and think that this would be a good time to start again.

Have you ever just gotten tired of doing the right thing?  Have you ever though no one was listening?  No one was paying attention?  Well, this past Sunday, God taught me a little lesson about patience and perseverance.

Sunday was “just another typical Sunday” for the Griffin family and our church.  We showed up early as we always to, unlocked the building, and started preparing for praise team practice.  Julia either sings or plays keyboard, and I help with the sound.  Well, as the praise team was about to wrap up their practice for the morning, a visiting family walked in.  It was still quite early so I was able to take a minute to speak with them.  I started off greeting them in Spanish, and they responded back in Spanish, then a second later, the man, said in English . . . “You don’t remember me, do you?”  I said. . . “um” . . . “no sir, I’m sorry, I don’t.”  He went on to remind me that I met him about 3 months earlier at a small Italian120221_Galatians6_9_Lane restaurant here in San Pedro.  I had invited him to church, but he told me that he was living in the States and was just visiting.  He continued by telling me that he was born here in the Dominican; was raised in Texas; but was planning on moving back in a few months.  He seemed very interested in our church and school, and said that he had been praying about a school to send his daughter to when they moved down.
Well, fast forward 3 months, and here he was with his wife and daughter sitting in our auditorium waiting for the service to start.  So many times we get frustrated and tend to want to give up when we ask people to come to church, but they never come.  Here was a guy that came three months after being invited.  You just never know.

If that wasn’t enough, fast forward to the evening service.  I was back in the sound room and the service had already started when I saw someone I recognized walk in.  I could barely believe my eyes!  It was happening again!  Twice in one day?  What are the odds? . . . Very good when God is trying to teach you a lesson.

About 16 months ago, I met a doctor under quite unpleasant (for me) circumstances.  He was my first stop in about a 1-month saga that saw me in and out of the hospital while doctors tried to figure out what was causing my crippling back pain, numbness, and high fevers.  I invited this doctor to church at that time.  I knew that he already had a couple of children that attended our school, but I didn’t know if he went to church anywhere or not.  He helped me out by diagnosing me with a kidney infection, which was treated and solved my fever issue.  My back pain was really not in his field of expertise, so I sought other doctor’s help in Santo Domingo for that.  I still see the doctor quite often at the school, and, in fact, I am teaching his son this year.  The youth pastor, assistant pastor, and others have continued to build a relationship with him, and it was a wonderful answer to prayer when he and his family stepped into our church this week.

Let me encourage you. . . Keep inviting . . . Keep witnessing . . . Keep loving . . . Keep telling others about what Jesus has done for you.  If you keep it up, the Bible promises that sooner or later, you will reap the harvest.

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  1. It seems to be the hardest part of being a Christian- patience. God’s timing is rarely the same as ours, yet we often get frustrated when we can’t have whatever it is that we’ve been praying for.

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