The Palms Building


Many of you know that our school, Las Palmas, in the Dominican Republic has an incredible opportunity to purchase the property that we are currently renting.  Our facility has been appraised at $1.5 Million (USD)  We have 270077_249521195064364_7406999_nbeen offered the property at an incredible price of $660,000.  We have financing in place for 80% of the purchase price.  That means that we have to come up with roughly $150,000 for the down payment.  We have a donor who will match up to $75,000, so we just need to come up with $75,000 to purchase a $1.5 million dollar facility.   At this moment, we have collected $60,500 in donations.  We only need about $15,000 more.  We only have 3 days left (Oct 1) before the offer can legally be pulled off the table.  Will you pray about what God might have you do?  Every little bit helps.  We are expecting God is going to meet the need, because we fully believe that this is His ministry, and His will, but God needs His people to listen to His voice and give.  Thank you so much for all you do for us, and even if you can’t give, we urge you to pray!!

If you are one of our supporting churches, and you want to give.  I know it takes time to make a decision and donation, so please, take your time.  Even when we reach the $75,000, we will need close to $20,000 additional for closing cost and lawyer fees, so there is plenty of time and need beyond this initial $75,000 that we need.   The link shows the full $95,000 as the goal, but we have a little more time to raise the additional $20K.  Churches, please send your donation directly to Daystar Baptist Missions with our regular support, but please mark in the memo line or on a separate note what you are donating toward the school.  Thank you, God bless!


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