Send a package

Pr 25:25 ¶ As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.

Our address:

Julia Griffin

8213 NW 66th St.

DO LAP-6246

Miami, FL 33166

We have a package service that delivers packages to us here in the DR.  It cost us $2.25 per LB to pick up the package, so if you can remember that when sending us things, that would help us.  If you could send a little extra to help us pay for the shipping on our end it would be great, but if not, that is fine too, we would love to receive some love from “home.”  Also if you could try to send lighter things that would be helpful too.

Somethings that we have trouble getting here either due to lack of availability or expense.

– Fruit snacks, Beef Jerkey, powdered drink mixes (Koolaid, Lemonaid, Mio,  Crystal Lite, etc) M&M’s (all flavors)  Little Debbie Snacks (Oatmeal Cream Pies, Fudge Rounds, Strawberry Shortcakes, Honey Buns)  Pringles, etc. (snack foods are hard for us to get here, and are typically very expensive, so they are a great treat!)

– Carson likes Hotwheels, Legos, PS3 games, super hero action figures, etc.

– The girls like dress up, all things Princess, girl Legos, girl Wii games, and anything stuffed.

Remember, things that are heavy are not good to send as we pay by the pound to pick it up.

If you want to know the kids sizes for clothes or other needs, send us an email

Customs can be a little picky of what we receive.  Please do not send meat products, dairy products, high-end electronics, etc.  If you have a question, just send an e-mail and ask us.