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Questions and Answers

Q:  Do you need monthly support or one time gifts?

A:  We currently need just a little bit more monthly support, but one time gifts are also wonderful because they allow us to do special things within the ministry.  For example, a church gave us $500 recently, so we used it to buy music equipment for the youth group.  Obviously we have personal needs that come up as well, so if you feel the Lord leading you to give, then it is probably because we have a need that He wants you to be a part of meeting.  We have been able to see God work in this way over and over again.

Q:  Is your position with Daystar paid?

A:  It is not a paid position, we are responsible to raise our own support for our daily living and ministry expenses. We will receive a very small stipend for the time we teach in the school.

Q:  How do you plan to raise your support?

A:  Through God’s people; both through churches and personal supporters, such as family and friends who wish to give so we can go share the gospel with the people of the Dominican.

Q:  How do you know how much to raise?

A: We have taken a survey trip and done much research in order to put together a budget that has been approved by both the mission board and our sending church.

Q:  How does the cost of living compare to that of the US?

A:  Some things are higher and some things are cheaper.  For example: rent is cheaper in most cases, however utilities are much higher.  Fuel is close to double what we pay in the states, so you can imagine how much a tank of gas would cost!  All in all, it is similar to the average living expenses in the US.

Q:  Is my gift tax deductible?

A: Yes, and you will get a receipt every time you donate, they at the end of the the year, you will get a giving record for your tax purposes.